Millions of people visit Washington, DC, each year, most of them school children and families. There are monuments and memorials to presidents, international leaders, and great wars. There is not a single tribute, however, to the Supreme Court or any of its distinguished members, past or present. The John Marshall Memorial Park will have the unique responsibility to educate and inspire all who visit about the importance of the Judicial Branch, the scope of the U.S. Constitution, and the life and times of the founding fathers who envisioned the government as we know it today.

"The Great Chief Justice," John Marshall, was the man who made Supreme Court rulings the law of the land and gave the Judicial Branch co-equal status. The details of the founding of our government will be shared with visitors by using Marshall's life as the medium of education. The Park will feature a statue of John Marshall in its center. Behind it, four interpretive displays will be created at the corners of the Park where visitors can learn more about the man, his influences, and the times in which he lived. More importantly, these exhibits will impart Marshall's legacy: his own words.

Excerpts from the landmark Supreme Court decisions over which he presided, such as Marbury v. Madison, will be displayed on glass walls and interpretive panels and will guide visitors through the Park and transport them back to the very formation of our government. The Park will also feature a triangular constitutional pillar that depicts the power and the balance of our tripartite system.

What's more, the John Marshall Memorial Park rests on hollowed ground, the very site of the boarding house where Chief Justice Marshall and his fellow justices drafted their historic decisions. Not only will visitors journey through the key stages of John Marshall's life, they will read his very own words and walk in the very footsteps he once took. The Foundation intends that the Park will serve as an unparalleled educational experience for all visitors, especially children, and that they will return home with a better understanding of this great man, the Constitution, and this great country. If our hopes are fulfilled, we will indeed have created a fitting, well-deserved national memorial to the Great Chief Justice.

The Grounds

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The John Marshall Statue
The statue of John Marshall is a replica of William Wetmore Story's original. The bronze statue, resting on a white granite base, faces Pennsylvania Avenue inviting visitors to enter.

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The Constitutional Pillar
A triangular Constitutional Pillar stands directly across from the John Marshall statue on the north side of the central elipse. The three sides of the pillar represent the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. A scroll of the Constitution faces out above all three sides.

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The Learning Alcoves
Interpretive Panels in the Learning Alcoves provide education and enlightenment as to John Marshall's legacy. Each of the four Alcoves has a different theme: The Judiciary and the Constitution, Protecting Private Rights, National Supremacy in Law, and The Life of John Marshall.

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John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation
Founded to bring the legacy the "Great Chief Justice" to life through the creation of a National Memorial in Washington, DC.
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