The John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation was founded to create, promote and maintain a fitting National Memorial and learning center dedicated to one of our nation's most imposing figures and to tell the story of the founding of the American government with the emphasis on our tripartite system. The Foundation envisions the construction of a learning-enhanced Memorial Park that will convey an understanding of the tremendous impact Marshall had on the development of our government and our nation.

John Marshall Memorial Park is the nation's only memorial dedicated to the Great Chief Justice and the only unit of the National Park System in our nation's capital that honors any Supreme Court Justice. Its location near the National Mall in the shadow of the US Capitol, Supreme Court Building, and the Smithsonian Institution, marks the historic site of a boarding house where Marshall and his fellow Supreme Court Justices drafted many of their landmark opinions. With its strategic location, it has the inevitable potential to attract thousands of visitors each year.

John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation
Founded to bring the legacy the "Great Chief Justice" to life through the creation of a National Memorial in Washington, DC.
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