A Place of History
The John Marshall Memorial Park is located next to the National Mall on Pennsylvania Avenue just northwest of the US Capitol and the Supreme Court Building, on the historic site of a boarding house where Marshall and his fellow Supreme Court Justices drafted many of their landmark opinions. With its strategic location, it has the inevitable potential to attract thousands of visitors each year, especially after the completion of the new Newseum directly west of the Park.

A Place of Learning
The details of the founding of our government will be shared with visitors using Marshall’s life as the medium of education. The Park will feature a statue of John Marshall and a three-sided Constitutional Pillar. Four interpretive displays at the corners of the Park will allow visitors to learn more about the man, his influences, and the times in which he lived. More importantly, these exhibits will impart Marshall’s legacy: his own words. Selected excerpts from the more than 1,000 Supreme Court decisions, such as Marbury v. Madison, will guide visitors through the Park and transport them back to the very formation of our government.

The Campaign
The plans for the Park call for a capital campaign to raise $15 million in private funds. Funds raised will not only cover the cost of construction, but also will establish an endowment that will provide for upkeep and ongoing educational programs. Our plan is truly monumental and it is imperative that we conduct it in a manner befitting Chief Justice Marshall and the Supreme Court. To lead this effort, therefore, we will establish a prominent campaign cabinet, comprised of senior partners in major law firms, corporate counsels and their respective corporations and members of the judiciary, as ethically appropriate.

Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said of the project, "It is most appropriate to have such a memorial to the most distinguished head of the third branch of government." Chief Justice John Roberts has committed to speak at the Park's dedication ceremony, and former Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court Harry Carrico is president of the Foundation's board.

We already have an initial multi-million dollar pledge and will begin fundraising actively in early 2008, when all agreements with the National Park Service are in place.

The John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation has set forth a two-year project timeline, which includes a ground breaking in early 2008 and a dedication in mid-2009. Special events are planned around the groundbreaking and dedication of the Park that will afford additional donor recognition.

For more information about the John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation project, please send an email to: information@johnmarshallmemorialpark.org

John Marshall Memorial Park Foundation
Founded to bring the legacy the "Great Chief Justice" to life through the creation of a National Memorial in Washington, DC.
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